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If you have taken the time to search for information on this topic you are obviously going through a child custody situation or anticipating going through this in the near future. The process of going through Family Court Services (FCS) and child custody mediation/evaluation can be a daunting task and will have major implications on the future of you and your family.

They will make decisions for your family that determine how and when you will interact with your child…

This e-book is designed to help you prepare well for the evaluation.

Dr. Miguel Alvarez and Dr. Lori Love have over 30 years combined experience performing child custody evaluations and preparing clients who are facing an impending custody evaluation/mediation. They have collaborated to produce an informative e-book that will help you prepare for the mediation process and allow you to secure the best possible future for you and your family.

This handbook was designed to prepare you quickly and effectively for Family Court Services (FCS), child custody mediation, and/or child custody evaluations. It is not intended to serve as an exhaustive approach for these situations since most people do not have the time, inclination, or resources to become the perfect candidate. You can benefit significantly and immediately from the use of a few simple tools such as a basic orientation, an organizer, and a check list. If you do not have the time or the money for what’s known as a “private preparation,” this handbook is for you.

We want you to succeed in obtaining the best possible outcome for your children!

The goal is to effectively prepare your presentation for Family Court Services (FCS), child custody mediation, or the child custody evaluation so that the mental health professional’s (MHP’s) assessment of you is more accurate. This handbook will provide you with a series of recommendations that are easy to implement and utilize without bogging you down with unnecessary information. Improve your ability to present yourself well in these situations, as they are crucial to your success in obtaining the best possible outcome for your children.

Learn more about Why to Prepare for your Child Custody Mediation Evaluation.

Any mom or dad would greatly benefit by the information contained in this handbook. It is easy to read and includes ideas that I would never have thought of on my own. I feel I have gained a good understanding of what is expected of me in the mediation process. I’m not as apprehensive as I was since I’ve read this handbook – it’s like having a mentor with me every step of the way. – Kim, CA (mother of three)

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