Sample Chapters

Table of Contents

The Situation7
  • Family Court Services13
  • The Best Interest of Your Child22
Know Your Child24
  • Educationally:24
  • Socially:24
  • Physically:25
  • Behaviorally:25
  • Relationally:26
Know Yourself27
  • Your Co-Parenting Strengths27
  • Your Co-Parenting Weaknesses28
  • Improving Your Parenting30
  • Improving the Physical Environment30
  • The Psychological Environment30
  • The Significance of Others in Your Environment31
You As a Parent32
  • A Comment on Authoritarian/restrictive Parenting32
  • Get More Involved33
  • Move-Aways33
Red Flags . . . and what to do about them36
  • Physical Abuse36
  • Verbal Abuse36
  • Sexual Abuse36
  • Alcohol Abuse36
  • Illegal Drug Use (Abuse)36
  • Prescription Drug Use (Abuse)36
  • Mental Health Issues36
  • Alienation36
  • Humility and Compassion40
When Things Do Not Go Well41
The Authors and The Advisory Board43
  • Appendix A: The Checklist44
  • Appendix B: The Ideal Schedule49
  • Appendix C: The Past Schedule50
  • Appendix D: Relevant Documents Folder51
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