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Child Custody Evaluation Sample Chapters

Your Co-Parenting Strengths
The number one strength of any parent is the extent of their positive involvement with their child. This can and will include things such as:

  1. Taking your child to school
  2. Taking your child to doctors’ appointments
  3. Taking your child to extra-curricular activities. Some parents have similar interests with their child and should acknowledge this
  4. Planning play dates for the child with his or her friends
  5. Purchasing clothing for your child
  6. Feeding your child, either at home or preparing meals for when they are at school or somewhere else. Knowing their food allergies and preferences
  7. Exposing your child to places outside of the home such as the beach, the park, museums, movies, play areas like miniature golf courses, skiing, surfboarding, tennis, karate, swimming, etcYou spend time with your child in the home, watching a television program together, reading together, watching kids’ movies together, playing games together, listening to music together, working in the yard together, cleaning the car together, etc
  8. Having certain traditions such as attending a yearly tea ceremony, going to a particular park on the 4th of July to watch fireworks, spending particular holidays with certain family and friends, celebrating birthdays together, etc
  9. Your child confiding in you regarding details of their social life and vocational endeavors and your efforts to support those endeavors
  10. Your schedule is flexible and you can be at your child’s school within a short amount of time
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