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Child Custody Evaluation Sample Chapters

Regardless of what brought you to this point — dealing with Family Court Services, a child custody mediation or a child custody evaluation — your job now is to work productively with the mental Man watching family at beachhealth professional and secure the best future possible for you and your family. This is a critical point in time for your child, which if not properly managed, can work against you.

The less time that you have with the MHP, the more important it is that you make a good first impression. The more time that you have with the MHP, the more important it is that you are able to show historical and psychological consistency in your parenting over time.

Remember: “how you practice is how you play.” Thus, you are strongly encouraged to practice answering the following questions:

What do you want?
_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Why is the thing that you want also in the best interest of your child?
_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

The basis of your MHP′s recommendations will depend on your ability to focus on and sincerely answer these two questions. Answer them now, and then check the box below.

I have answered these two questions about what I want and how that relates to my child′s best interests.

Although use of this handbook and supporting materials might not be as comprehensive as one-on-one coaching, your return-on-investment (ROI) is likely to be much higher in terms of time and money spent. However, if you have the resources and the time, you can still get a lot out of this handbook and then, by all means, hire a professional.

This handbook will help you focus

Use of this handbook will help you to focus on what is relevant, and it will give you a chance to prepare information that addresses the questions most likely to be asked. This handbook will teach you “what counts” from the MHP′s perspective. The distinction between what matters to the MHP and what matters to you is critical. Because time is critical, your work with the MHP must focus exclusively on your role as a parent, your co-parent’s role, and the specific needs of the child. Exploring other issues is simply irrelevant and non-productive.

Even if a parent exhibits poor behavior in certain parts of their life, they may still be spending a lot of time with the child and be a good parent during that time. Misbehavior does not necessarily show they are a bad parent. This does not mean that that you are allowed to act inappropriately when you are not parenting. Documentation or allegation of your misbehavior of any kind can hurt you in the eyes of the MHP. Just keep in mind that dysfunctional behaviors can be compartmentalized when said behaviors are shown to have little or no connection to the child. It is vitally important that you focus only on matters that directly affect the best interest of your child. Pick these battles. Forget the rest.

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