Top 10 Child Custody Evaluation/Mediation Blunders

Top 10 Child Custody Evaluation/Mediation Blunders

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/>This Child Custody Evaluation and Child Custody Mediation Preparation book will help you to avoid easily correctable mistakes and focus on what counts so that you and your child can spend more quality time together.

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Here is a Top 10 list of Child Custody Evaluation/Mediation Blunders:

  1. Irritating or disrespecting the mediator
  2. Talking about money
  3. Getting into an argument with your co-parent in front of the mediator
  4. Talking about something that has nothing to do with your parenting
  5. Showing up unprepared to talk about what you want for you children and why you want it
  6. Dressing inappropriately i.e., like a president, like you are going to a nightclub, like you are a homeless person, etc
  7. Bringing letters of reference from your family and friends
  8. Showing up late
  9. Being disrespectful to your co-parent
  10. Assuming that you have special status because of your sex, religion, morality, income, or education

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